We love to recycle and conserve

Recycling Program

Recycling is the right thing to do on Cape Cod. Every ton of trash that we di-vert from trash dumpsters to recycling bins saves seventeen trees -- and it saves everyone money. Ring Bros. recycles all cardboard and paper on a daily basis. We reuse the corrugated containers our products arrive in from farms and producers and the rest is hauled to recycling plants. Since starting our recycling program, Ring Bros. has reduced our landfill waste by more than 65%. Cape Cod is a beautiful place -- we want to maintain its beauty and natural resources.

When your produce arrives in a recycled box, SMILE because we are helping to save our local landfills!

Energy Conservation

In an effort to reduce our electricity usage in our facility we have converted 100% of our fixtures to high efficiency florescent. Our walk-in pro-duce coolers have undergone a complete fan motor retrofit. Motors were replaced with a high effi-ciency product. Computers are installed to control these motors so that they run only when needed. When it is cold enough outside, the re-frigeration is turned off, and cold air from out-side is blown into the coolers to maintain tem-perature.

Using less energy is good for the environment and it equals cost savings that we can pass on to you.