Local Products

  • Blue Ribbon Farm
  • Cape Abilities Farm
  • Pioneer Val. Growers
  • Thatcher Farms
  • Philbin Orchards
  • Backyard Farms
  • Carlson Orchards
  • Riverway Dressing

2017 Product Guide

View a full list of local products in our 2017 product guide.

Enhance your menu with Local Produce and Specialty Foods

Long standing relationships with local farmers allow

us to bring you fresh New England apples, broccoli, corn, melons, peaches, pumpkins and much more during the harvest months. Backyard Farms in Madison Maine grows tomatoes year round!

Looking for something new and exciting? We are too.

We scour New England for ingredients that will help you to make your restaurant or retail store unique.

Local Grower Profile:
Thatcher Farms, Harwich,MA

We work with Thatcher Farms in the fall when cranberries are abundant. Thatcher Farms harvests when their cranberries are a perfect bright red. We deliver them to you in a 30 pound wooden crate.