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Current Market News for the week of October 18th, 2021:

  • There still is a glut of eggs as holiday demand has not yet hit the retail sector. Farmers are reluctant to shrink flocks as demand should pick up soon. The market for processed eggs is up with commercial baking in full force for the holidays.
  • The butter market jumped up last week as retail demand is in full swing. 21 loads traded hands. The world market for butter is considerably higher than the domestic market. 
  • The block cheese market dropped slightly. The barrel market showed strength also. The spread is close. Exports for cheese are booming, with Mexico being our largest trading partner. We I expect markets to stay in the current range for the near future as holiday demand is building.
  • Florida grapefruit has started. Our first arrival will be on 10/15. The size profile is mostly 36’s and 40’s, but will increase over the next couple weeks.
  • Navel oranges are slated to begin the last week of October from California. Sizing is expected to be on the smaller side. The season will kick off with mostly 72’s and 88’s, but larger 56’s and 64’s will follow a few weeks after the initial harvests.
  • Lemons are in steady supply from California, but the Mexican market is higher, especially on smaller fruit. We expect the price gap to close in November, with pricing on 165s, 200s, and 235s increasing.
  • Anjou, Bartlett, Red, and Bosc pears are in steady supply with excellent quality from Washington. Look for pricing to slide over the upcoming weeks as supplies improve.
  • Black, green, and red seedless grapes from California are in excellent supply.
  • Pomegranates from California are in full swing! Quality has been excellent. 
  • Blueberries are in excellent supply for the week of 10/18.
  • Supplies from Peru continue to increase, and more fruit is arriving daily from Argentina. Pricing is expected to slide each week.
  • Raspberries and blackberries are now being shipped from Mexico, and the quality is significantly better. Expect pricing on raspberries to slide. Blackberries are still in tight supply.
  • NOTE: Strawberries are in steady supply from California. The industry will continue to fight quality challenges until we get into new crop in Florida and Mexico in November.
  • Hass avocado prices are steady. Fruit is plentiful in the 48 and 60ct sizing. There continues to be little to no 40ct fruit and larger, causing large size fruit to be priced very high. 
  • Pineapples will be promotable through October!
  • Green beans are promotable. Multiple states are harvesting with excellent quality. Florida will start in late October.
  • Green cabbage prices are promotable as local states are harvesting excellent supplies and quality. Red and savoy cabbage varieties are available as well with good supplies and quality.
  • Green squash supplies are steady. East Coast growers have excellent quality coming in, but some cloudy, rainy weather is leaving harvests light. Yellow squash prices are promotable. Supplies are strong and quality has been excellent.
  • Asparagus prices are easing off as Mexico begins to ship.
  • ALERT! California iceberg lettuce is up in price due to low yields, and the Quebec season has come to an abrupt end.
  • California cauliflower demand is strong with high pricing.
  • Supplies of green peppers remain steady. Most production is coming from NC and GA. There are some pockets of local production with light volume.
  • ALERT! Supplies of peeled garlic is very tight. Container delays have caused dramatic price increases.
  • Brussels sprouts are in better supply this week.
  • 11lb red, orange, and yellow pepper prices jumped up from Canada and Mexico. A string of cloudy weather left harvests light. Orange and yellow pepper varieties are the tightest.


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