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Current Market News for the week of January 23rd, 2022:

¨ We are transitioning all our eggs over to cage free eggs to comply with the new Massachusetts’ Law. All eggs, fresh and broken, will be from cage free hens.

¨ We are close to the record high price of butter as the market surges upwards. There continues to be a worldwide shortage of butterfat. With the downturn in milk production, less cream is being spun off. 

¨ The rapid rise in butter is causing fluid cream to rise dramatically. Demand for cream cheese has shot up so much that there is not enough to go around. Schreiber, one of the world’s largest producers, announced allocations going forward. Smithfield cream cheese is almost non-existent at this point. 

¨ Both the block and barrel cheese markets are correcting to seasonable levels. 

¨ ALERT! Mandarins from California will continue to be in limited supply. The Clementine variety has ended for the season, and the Tango and Murcott varieties are just getting started. SUMO mandarins have been put on hold by the shipper, Suntreat. Rain that California received weeks ago is wreaking havoc on this crop with post-harvest quality problems. At this time, we do not have fruit headed this way, but we’re hopeful that Suntreat can resume shipping by February.

¨ ALERT! Supplies of limes remain extremely tight. Mexican supplies are much lighter than expected, and the pricing is much higher than usual. 

¨ ALERT! Red and green seedless grapes continue to be very limited from Peru. This has caused significant shortages in the supply chain and high prices. 

¨ Strawberry prices will ease off. Supplies are ramping up from Florida as California and Mexico are harvesting fruit. Quality will be excellent as weather conditions have been ideal. Expect great tasting and big berries. 

¨ Blackberry prices and supplies remain steady. Quality continues to be excellent coming out of Mexico.

¨ Raspberries overall are expected to be snug heading into February. Demand remains strong, and supplies continue to be steady out of Mexico. 

¨ ALERT: Blueberry prices are strong as port delays limit supplies. In early February, prices are expected to come off as more fruit becomes available from Chile. We continue to offer Mexican, Peruvian, and Chilean fruit.

¨ Hass avocado prices remain higher as demand has soared. Supplies have been steady on fruit 48ct size and smaller; large fruit commands higher prices and has been sparse in availability.

¨ ALERT! In addition to staffing struggles, weather has become a challenge for carrots. Baby carrots are heavily prorated due to weather, and other carrot packs are limited due to labor shortages.

¨ As we head into February, you can expect better availability of scallions. Pricing should fall as they become readily available.

¨ Brussels sprouts pricing remains high. There is now hope of better supplies coming available early February.

¨ 11lb hothouse color peppers remain promotable. There is good volume across all colors.

Asparagus markets are opening up as product starts to come in from Mexico in 11 lb cases.


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