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Current Market News for the week of January 24th, 2021:   

  • Egg pricing jumped considerably as retail demand, winter weather, flock reduction, and export demand have pushed inventories to their lowest levels since last August.
    Butter prices surged last week as buyers couldn’t resist the low prices. Butter pricing is still very reasonable as food service demand is almost nonexistent.
  • Both block and barrel cheese jumped when the Farms to Families Food Box program was announced and the markets are now correcting. There is a burdensome amount of inventory as production is robust but demand is lackluster.
  • The Navel orange market out of California is steady on stickered fancy fruit, with choice grade fruit trading for less.
  • Strawberries are in tight supply, but supplies are expected to improve. Growers are forecasting excellent supplies out of Florida for mid-February. Due to cooler weather at the current time, sizing is running much larger than usual.
  • NOTE: Blueberries will be in tight supply for at least another week. The supply chain is somewhat empty as inbound containers from Chile are gapping. There will still be some volume from Chile and Mexico, but not enough to cover demand.
  • NOTE: Blackberries and raspberries are in tight supply. Weather in Mexico has been much cooler, and yields are significantly lower. Look for pricing to be higher than usual.
  • Pomegranates from POM Wonderful are now done for the season. We’ll transition to some beautiful large fruit from Israel available for late January.
  • Hass avocado supplies are steady out of Mexico. Pricing is reasonable as we approach the “Big Game” on February 7th.
  • Pineapples are lighter in supply; pricing is higher.
    Asparagus will drop in price as Mexico production begins to come in. Harvests are expected to increase as the week goes on with excellent quality. 28lb cases will be available in early February.
  • Broccoli crown quality has been great! Pricing is reasonable.
  • Cauliflower is plentiful with reasonable pricing. With heavy rains in Yuma, AZ, harvests could slow later this month.
  • 25lb brussels sprouts pricing is more promotable. With great quality, late January and early February is a great time to get behind this roasting and cooking vegetable at store level.
  • ALERT! Celery supplies are improving, but not enough to bring high prices down just yet. February may bring price relief.
  • Rain in Yuma, AZ has created a “rain market” for lettuces. This means that with muddy fields, daily harvest schedules are out of sync. So far, it does not appear that pricing will jump up much.
  • Green bean prices should decrease in February. Florida continues to have cool nights and the beans won’t mature quite yet, but could come on any day now with good volume and excellent quality.
  • Green and yellow squash prices remain strong out of Mexico. Florida is harvesting little to no product, putting the demand on Mexico. Quality is outstanding but could rise some as the region will experience rainy and cloudy days.
  • Super select cucumber prices are steady with excellent quality from Mexico. Euro seedless cucumber markets are also steady with nice quality.
  • Green peppers are starting to slide to more promotable prices. Mexico is coming into full production.
  • NOTE: 11lb red, yellow, and orange peppers are limited again. Mexico overall planted less acreage, leaving supplies much tighter and flight space out of Israel for imported peppers is tight. Availability should improve in February.
  • The red, yellow, and white onion markets are steady out of all growing regions. We’ve seen some nice quality out of Nevada, Idaho, and Washington.



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